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Classical Pilates Intermediate and Advanced • Pilates Barre • Aerial Pilates •

Restorative Hammock • Elevated Breath-Work

Reformer: The Reformer allows you to access the weak or elusive areas of the body in order to develop them uniformly, create muscular balance and sustain flowing aerobic movement with over 75 exercises. The levels I and II are the foundation for the advanced work.

Half Trap: This class is excellent for developing skills such as pelvic and shoulder stability, spine articulation and better breathing. With the support of spring tension it promotes resilient, powerful muscles, strong, decompressed joints and access to the weaker muscles and the deep core muscles.

Spine Corrector: The Spine Corrector is a small barrel apparatus originated by Joesph Pilates that promotes strong pliable back and trunk muscles. Though flexion, extension and rotation movements of the spine you can achieve whole body integration. This class is beginner friendly and feels great.  "If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old. IF it is completely flexible at 60, you are young." Joseph Pilates.

Classic Mat Work: Pilates strengthens and balances the body, promotes uniform development, improves breathing, realigns the skeletal system, elongates muscles, improves joint mobility, flexibility, and corrects neuromuscular disorders. It is an aerobic workout that flows, energizes and promotes health, wellness and fitness for ages nine to ninety.


We offer Classical Pilates Intermediate and Advanced classes, Aerial Pilates all levels, and Pilates Barre. Those new to Pilates begin with Privates, Duos and Semi Privates.

Classes are a great way to get more workouts per week or practice what you learn in your private lessons.  It is a whole body fitness program taught in a fun environment where you can learn from both your teacher and peers.


With numerous exercises and a variety of supportive apparatus, you can re-introduce your body to healthy and functional movement patterns designed to reprogram the neuromuscular system and brain's neuroplasticity.

Pilates is ideal for people of all age groups and fitness levels. 

The CorELink™ Circuit: Using equipment that is spring loaded for resistance, with varying positions, joint actions, and patterns of movement, the user-friendly equipment will help you learn how to work from the inside out without straining the joints nor causing excessive lactic acid build up in the muscles. It keeps the blood flowing to the heart and tones muscles. One of the main causes of muscle and joint related pain is hypertonic muscle spasm directly linked to lactic acid accumulation.

Teacher’s Choice: Any combination of the intermediate and advanced Reformer, Half Trap, Chair, Spine Corrector  or Mat.

Pilates Barre: An aerobic workout that fuses Classical Ballet Barre, Classical Pilates techniques, and Classical Pilates Mat Work.  You will increase your heart rate while keeping the focus on alignment, elongating the muscles, strengthening the core, and moving with grace, economy and ease.

Aerial Pilates: Utilizing this fantastic apparatus we are able to bring traction to the spine and mobility to the joints while being partially or fully and safely and comfortably suspended. The lymphatic flush created makes  for a much quicker and complete recovery from your workouts and/or stresses of life.



Private lessons are the best option to see the fastest results. These sessions are individualized to establish fundamental skills and principles such as centering, concentration, control, precision, breath and flow, all requiring the use of your mind body connection to initiate each exercise.

You can enjoy Duo or Trio sessions with your friends and family. With these sessions, you can use all of the Pilates apparatus and receive the benefits of a private session, but at a reduced price per person.


Many couples enjoy doing Pilates together and our teachers can design a productive and effective lesson for you even if you are not at the same level of conditioning. We can also help to coordinate a partner for you who is at your working level.


We start everyone with an evaluation to assess strengths, weaknesses, muscular imbalances and skeletal alignment.

In your evaluation, you will get to experience a Classic Pilates workout and we will help you determine the best

Pilates plan for you.


It takes approximately an hour and a half. Fee $59.

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