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A hyper tonic muscle is a muscle that has been sickened by lactic acid which has accumulated in the core of a round muscle. It can also accumulate where a flat muscle is connected to the bone. This hyper tonic condition is one of the primary causes of pain and inflammation in the joints. Left unattended the pain can worsen and mimic conditions often diagnosed with extreme recommendations such as surgery, long drawn out series of drugs and/or endorphin treatments.  The fact is, they can be relieved by a specific neuromuscular treatment that sends a strong message from the muscle to the brain. 


We recommend that before considering such a serious and intrusive treatment consult with  Neuromuscular Therapist Gerald Teague who can help you determine if your pain is caused by a hyper tonic muscle spasm.

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The hypertonic condition could be caused by an injury, repetitive movements, and/or functional imbalances that lead to chronic pain. Neuromuscular Therapy produces rapid results improving muscle function, pain removal, and greater performance.


The treatment is 20- and 40- minutes long and is performed over clothing on a massage table or seated. Using the Signature Bio Pulser and hand technique created by Dr. Thomas Griner, the specific pattern of muscle spasm is traced. It is designed to stimulate the muscles spindles and correct the malfunction of the feedback loop to the cerebellum. Although the pain may seem to be localized, the spasm usually runs through a specific pattern that must be traced and released throughout the body.

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David S. Van Nuys, CA

In 2004, I was in bed for 3 months with a back condition so bad that I had to crawl to the bathroom, and the only solution that the doctors had was medication and surgery, and no guarantee. I said to my wife I’m not going that direction, no back surgery for me. I was referred to see Gerald Teague. Gerald had me pain free in just a few treatments. Fourteen years later I am still pain free. Definitely God sent.

Lyndsy C. Cornell, CA

I was surprised by the immediate relief and difference that I felt in just one twenty minute session with Gerald Teague  He worked on my hip flexors, which were so tight they were pulling my posture forward. I couldn't believe how straight I stood up after only 20 minutes. I was not even aware of my poor posture before that. Through Pilates, I've been able to keep my hip flexors from flaring up and keep my muscles balanced.  I've never felt better.

Mike S. Oak Park, CA

I’ve had a history of back problems. I tried acupuncture, cupping/scraping, chiropractics, massage, epidural shots, ice/heat, spa, etc. Some of these things masked the pain temporarily and did help, but a week later, pain again. I felt like 34 going on 54 and even contemplated surgery (the last resort). I had an MRI which revealed severely herniated discs in more than one place in my back.

I talked extensively with Gerald Teague, Neuromuscular Therapist, who was very knowledgeable about the physiology of the back, nerves and muscles. He explained how muscle imbalances were the primary cause of muscular and joint pain and that Pilates would help align my muscular skeletal structure and help alleviate pain.

In addition, Teague Certified Instructors worked closely with me to find balance in my body and move with ease and efficiency. Interestingly enough, the amazement associated with my back pain going away has been completely overshadowed by how it has affected the way I sleep, work, walk, get into my car, play sports and everything else that involves movement.


Now, I have absolutely NO back pain and finally my body is naturally aligned. The muscles that I didn’t know I had are stronger and they are actually playing a role in how my body moves.

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