An aerobic workout that fuses Classical Ballet Barre, Classical Pilates techniques, and Classical Pilates Mat Work.  You will increase your heart rate while keeping the focus on alignment, elongating the muscles, strengthening the core, and moving with grace, economy and ease.


Through Pilates Barre, you will learn and experience how to adapt your body to simple movements, that will develop into more complex movements and patterns, making this workout empowering and liberating. 


The flow of the workout encourages a healthy hydrated fascial system and rhythm that allows natural alignment of the mind and body.  The result is a stronger, leaner body, improved posture and confidence, and ease in movement.  This creative workout is a challenge that will develop individual potential.  The mind is taught to be focused while the body becomes more versatile.

Students often express how quickly the time passes and how great it feels to cool down after becoming so heated from the internal shower they get during the Pilates Barre workout. One of the primary achievements Joseph Pilates emphasized is to achieve an internal shower.


CorELink™ Pilates

The CorELink™ equipment designed by neuro-muscular specialist Gerald Teague is a circuit of apparatus which are spring loaded for resistance and used with varying positions, joint actions, and patterns of movement.  This user friendly equipment is excellent for learning sound mind body connections that translate into more skillful movement. 


The CorELink™ workout can help you learn how to work from the inside out and connect all of your body to your center or "core".  This is key to achieving an empowering Classical Pilates workout.  As in Classical Pilates, The CorELink™ workout does not strain the joints nor cause excessive lactic acid build up in the muscles. It keeps the blood flowing to the heart and tones muscles.  One of the main causes of muscle and joint related pain is hypertonic muscle spasm directly linked to lactic acid accumulation. 

We offer several CorELink™ Circuit classes weekly. After attending a few of these classes, you are encouraged to enjoy a CorELink™ workout on your own during our "open studio" hours.


Swedish bars are a great piece of apparatus that Joseph Pilates used and is commonly used in gymnastics.  They are very effective for building strength and flexibility in the entire body, especially the joints. You will stretch and massage your feet, stretch your legs, lower back, upper back, shoulders and hips, improve strength and coordination through climbing, hanging, and stabilizing exercises that will make you feel great.


From opening the chest and hips to hanging upside down, the bars are a fun and a versatile tool.  They will prepare you for advanced exercises that will later be done on less stable apparatus such as the Universal Reformer and Cadillac.



Spinal Traction

Lymphatic Flush

Total Body Hydration

Happy Hormone Release

Toxin Release

Circulation Improvement

Energizes Body and Brain

Stimulates Endocrine System

Stimulates Nervous System

Strengthens Core

Builds Bone Density

Builds Confidence


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