Graduate Testimonial

Yoni Anvi, Israel

Certified 2009

The passion for Pilates that the teachers had motivated me and after the second Lecture/Workshop I began to build my own passion for Pilates. In the third Lecture/Workshop I really began to learn how to teach. After that I craved more and more information.


The amazing teachers who worked with me gave me the knowledge, the tools and confidence to become a great teacher; by being present for the student, helping them move correctly and getting out of pain, and finding their own passion for Pilates. Pilates is a lifestyle.  Thank you so much for teaching with belief!

Graduate Testimonial

Perri Fisher, Thousand Oaks

Certified 2011

Choosing Teague Pilates Teacher Training Program was the right decision for me.

Pilates made sense to me in every way. That the mind/body connection during movement is not only effective but healthy and efficient. Teague Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Training Program gave me all the tools I needed to become a highly effective and professionally responsible Pilates instructor. The program gave me the confidence and knowledge to use my own uniqueness while executing the perfect workout for each client.

Graduate Testimonial

Romina Laygo, Oak Park

Certified 2009

When I discovered Teague Classical Pilates I discovered a challenging method of movement that was kind to my body. I listened to my body and understood the way in which it liked to work, where it liked to overwork and amazingly, where it was just plain lazy.


Within weeks my hard muscles gave way to a supple form. I grew stronger without the bulk and tightness. I was able to do things I once thought impossible. For the first time in my life, I could run long distance without joint pain and competed in my first 5K race.


I became so greatly enamored with the Pilates Method that I joined the Teacher Training Program.  I wanted to be able to share with others the great truth that I had learned.  Today I have the privilege of doing just that as a certified Classical Pilates instructor.


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