Gives you an overall youthful appearance

Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, crows feet and age spots

Combined with the benefits of far infrared sauna, the light Photo-therapy can revitalize the skin, energizes skins cells, reduce pores, clear blemishes, stimulates collagen, rejuvenate hands, chest, and thighs.

Sonic Life and Far Infrared Sauna Units

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Sonic Life Vibration Therapy

The TurboSonic® is a sophisticated exercise and therapeutic machine that uses patented sound vibration technology to excite human cells. It provides a safe and effective way to excite human cells, increasing cellular oxygen circulation, enhancing cellular nutrient uptake, stimulating cellular fluid movement, and facilitating cellular waste removal. In addition, research has shown that whole body vibration therapy leads to an increase in serotonin levels.


Many clients report an improvement in their mood, as well as their energy level, after a session on the TurboSonic®." For instance, you can have a healthier body in just 10 minutes with a TurboSonic® whole body vibration therapy session at Apres Teague Boutique Spa. As you stand on the TurboSonic®, it creates a vibration throughout your entire body, improving circulation and reducing pain, stress, fatigue, fat, cellulite and much more. 

One 10-minute session is the equivalent of an energizing 60 minute workout without sweating or feeling exhausted afterwards. Great for a quick lunch time calorie burner; up to 300 calories in ten minutes. Get the benefits of exercise without going through a strenuous workout. 


Disclaimer: The preceding is for information purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or condition, nor should it take the place of medical advice or treatment.

Additional Benefits of Infrared Sauna

Lower Blood Pressure: Repeated Far Infrared Sauna treatments improve impaired blood vessel function in patients with high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. This suggests a preventative role in Far Infrared Sauna use 
for arteriosclerosis.

Circulation: The heating of muscles with Far Infrared produces an increased blood flow level similar to that experienced during exercise. Far Infrared heat assists in resolution of inflammation and edema. It helps to decease pain, speed healing and improve the immune system. It also helps reduce cellulite.


Skin Purification: Far infrared helps open wounds heal quicker with reduced scarring. It helps acne, eczema, psoriasis, burns and any skin lesions or cuts. Far Infrared helps firm and tone the skin and improve skin elasticity.  It reduces wrinkles and makes skin look radiant.


Pain Relief: Researchers studying “heat responsive pain” referred to as HRP have observed remarkable therapeutic benefits by using continuous low level heat therapy for treating lower back, upper body and menstrual pain.

Far Infrared Sauna

Take time to escape and relax for 15 to 30 minutes with this extraordinary Infrared treatment while your body heals, rejuvenates, and de-stresses. You will feel like you’ve had a vacation! No need to disrobe or shower. Some benefits include: 

Detoxification: Sweating is the bodies natural way to heal, stay healthy and detoxify by pushing toxins out through the pores. In the Far Infrared Sauna the average person sweats out 20% toxins and 80% water, compared to the conventional sauna which sweats out 3% toxins and 97% water.

Relaxation: Cortisol is the “fight or flight” hormone produced in the adrenal glands that increases the heart rate, blood pressure, and body fat around the midsection. Scientific evidence shows that Far Infrared Sauna therapy helps the body maintain healthy levels of cortisol. De-stressing in the Far Infrared Sauna will help trim the waistline while delivering the ultimate experience in relaxation. 

Weight Loss: Studies have shown a 30 minute Far Infrared Sauna treatment can burn from 200 to 600 calories. As the body works to cool itself while using a Far Infrared Sauna, there is an increase in the heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate. Blood flow is reported to rise from a normal five to seven quarts per minute to as much as 13 quarts per minute.


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